VMWare Replication Services
Supporting Enhanced Business Resiliancy

​Most organisations leveraging a VMware environment understand the importance of having a backup location for virtual machines (VMs) to support business resiliency as part of an overarching Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy. Beyond having a backup location for relatively rare situations, such as natural disasters, businesses need day-to-day protection from more common events, such as server and other hardware failures, as well as user error. When it comes to building a backup site, which will hopefully never need to be used, the anticipated upfront and ongoing operational costs can be stalling. Common replication tools alone require like-for-like storage hardware, often resulting in significant hardware costs for secondary facilities. Moreover, complex compute environments contain diverse applications (apps) that may call for faster or slower replication point objectives (RPOs), often making a single replication solution either too fast (to costly) or too slow for some apps.

For organizations with VMware environments, building secondary data centers to support backing up virtual machines (VMs) can prove challenging and capital intensive. SRD Technology UK can help enable simple VM replication via optional, add-on Replication Services. Replication Services are designed to enable remote VM backups to replicate back to a site following a disaster, hardware failure or human error, enabling a more timely return to production.
Manged Replication

 SRD Technology UK's experts can manage the replication of a Managed Cloud customer’s VM, or group of VMs, between cloud nodes. During Replication Services set-up, SRD Technology UK works with customers to group VMs that should be replicated, migrated or tested together into Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs), as well as to set an RPO.
Self Service Replication
Self-Service Cloud users can replicate VMs and Virtual Applications (vApps) from one location to another via a simple online interface, which works with most VMware versions. Customers can choose to protect individual vApps, or collections of vApps, and set desired RPOs with compliance requirement warning messages displayed by default. Should a disaster occur, backups can be set to replicate back to a customer site automatically to support a faster return to production.
WHY Why Choose SRD Technology UK Cloud Services?
 SRD Technology UK work with Navisite to provide… 

  • Tailored solutions for complexenvironments
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Increased spending predictability
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Augmented business agility
  • Improved cost efficiency

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