Cirrus - Managed WiFi

Secure, Business Grade WiFi

What is Cirrus WiFi

An agile workforce is a productive workforce. That’s why our WiFi connectivity empowers your people to
work effectively – untethered by the network cables that tie them to their desks. Enabling them to get the things that matter done, regardless of where they are.

But fast, reliable WiFi isn’t just about boosting staff productivity. It’s about enhancing the experience of your customers and visitors too. Showing them you care by getting them online simply, swiftly, securely and reliably.

SRD Technology UK's new Cirrus Wi-Fi solution provides a fully-featured business-grade Wi-Fi product suitable for both large and small organisations, which is easy to manage.

We specialise in the development, installation and management of WiFi and wide area networks. Regardless of the size of your business, we offer the products and expertise to help you get connected with a network that’s just right for you.

We take into account everything from footfall to location to ensure that you’re provided with a fast, stable and reliable WiFi and internet connectivity. With everything from hardware, expert configuration and support provided, a Performance Networks solution is an easy and reliable way of getting your business online
  • A simple yet comprehensive proposition
  • Low monthly fee – no capital costs
  • The must-have bolt-on to Broadband/
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Scalable – quick and easy to expand
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Business-grade Wi-Fi
  • A secure and PCI compliant option
  • Feature bolt-ons
  • Cirrus Wi-Fi Engage - splash page & analytics
  • Cirrus Wi-Fi Protect - content filtering
  • Additional access points
  • Access point installation
  • Landing page design
  • Desktop survey
  • On-site survey including heat map technology 
Standard Feature Benefits
Service Boltons
If you require specific additons to your WiFi service over the standard offering these can be easily added on
Cirrus WiFi comes with all the features you would expect of a WiFi sollution as standard but with alot more flexability.
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