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Business Broadband Performance
SRD Technology UK offer a comprehensive suite of LLU based
broadband services. Our partners LLU network ensures that we can offer our customers a broadband service that is resilient utilising both LLU and the more traditional 20CNBT IP Stream Services.

Our LLU ADSL products come in a number of speeds. Firstly there is the “up to” 8Mbit/s LLU Max. The upload speeds for the LLU ADSL Max products are a replica of those
on offer with BT IP Stream providing 448Kbit/s and 832Kbit/s
for Standard and Premium connections respectively. The higher speed ADSL2+ (Annex A) provides “up to” 24Mbit/s or 16Mbit/s downstream (depending on the product) and “up to” 1Mbit/s upstream. These products are available in home and business variants.

LLU Annex M
Our LLU Annex M services extend the capabilities of standard ADSL2+. By amending the split of the downstream and upstream frequencies, it is now possible to obtain rate adaptive speeds of up to 16Mbit/s downstream and up to 2.5Mbit/s upstream. The services are positioned as a replacement for ISDN and SDSL services and are ideal for bandwidth intensive, converged applications such as Voice over IP, video conferencing and hosted applications.

The SDSL (M) range of services is based on ADSL2+ technology but delivers symmetric bandwidth. Assured bandwidth means that these Annex M services provide end users with a symmetric 1:1 service at a considerably lower cost than would usually be associated with SDSL.
WHY Why Choose SRD Technology UK Broadband
 SRD Technology UK provides connedctivty through the uks leading conncetivity providers
  • Resilient
  • Low cost packages
  • Uncontended bandwidth options
  • Alternative to traditional SDSL service

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Enabling Businesses through Creative Technology